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welcome to the house

Reception at the port

It is our friend Yakovo who will welcome the arrival of the ferry at the port of Aegiali or that of Katapola.

Please let him know your day and time of arrival , and if possible the name of the ferry company.

Yakovo will walk you home and help you get settled, but he does not provide transportation . Either you rent a car on the port or Yakovo to book a taxi at your expense.

If you have a lot of luggage, he can put his donkey at your disposal (if he hasn't once again made himself beautiful in the olive groves).

Yakovo contact details: 00 30 694 537 8668 (also on WhatsApp).

Car rental

Renting a car is not essential but recommended if you want to visit the island from north to south.

You can also rent a scooter but the island, without being big, is still 40 km long.

Here are some agencies:

- Evdokia

- Starfish

- FM Rent


Car park

The village of Lakgada is entirely pedestrian. You can park your vehicle in one of the two car parks in the village.

We usually use the lower parking lot, called " Kaminaki ", but the  upper parking lot makes it easier to carry your suitcases on a more comfortable path.

Arrival and departure times

Cleaning requires, the house is only available on the day of your arrival from 3 p.m. But you can drop off your luggage there before and enjoy the view.

On the day of departure, please make it available before 11 a.m. , even if you can leave your luggage there.


Amorgos is not a water self-sufficient island. .This is the reason why each house, via its terraces, collects rainwater which is stored in a cistern. Ours has a capacity of 40 m3, which is sufficient but quickly consumed if you spend the afternoon in the shower. We therefore ask you to be reasonable.  Yakovo regularly checks the water level in the cistern and may need to have it filled during your stay.

In addition, we advise you not to drink tap water . A pack of spring water awaits you on your arrival and you can restock either in a grocery store (you can ask them for delivery) or from a drinking water dispenser. In Lagkada, it is located at the entrance to the upper car park.


You quickly spot the small grocery stores in Lagkada where you will often find the essentials and always smiles.

At the port,  two "supermarkets" offer a little more choice.

House equipment

In the kitchen, a refrigerator, a combined microwave oven, a kettle, a coffee maker and everything you need to set the table  are at your disposal, as well as tea towels. Personally, we very often go to restaurants which are cheap and tasty.

In the bathroom located next to the main room, there is a washing machine (you can hang your laundry on washing lines installed on the back facade of the house) and a towel dryer.

Finally, each room has at least one window equipped with a mosquito net. It is sometimes necessary.


We provide you with bed linen, as well as towels (please do not take them to the beach...).


It is not necessary from April to October because the days and nights are already mild.

Only the main bathroom is equipped with a heated towel rail.

trash cans

You can deposit your garbage bags in the containers located in the car parks. In Amorgos, we practice sorting.


In Aegali, you will find a pharmacy located opposite the post office and a small health center .

The hospital is in Chora.


We sowed melons, tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines. Do not hesitate to pick them as well as the grapes, but be careful not to pick the gourds. In the patio you will find mint and thyme.


Phone. : 00 33 6 63 10 32 32

Information request

Thank you for what you sent !

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