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To Loukaki

In this pretty restaurant, we cook as well as we play bouzouki or santouri. 

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To 25 raki

On a beautiful square at the top of the village, two brothers are reinventing traditional Greek cuisine. In addition, ask them to make you listen to rebetiko. 

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A beautiful arbor shelters a large terrace where Nikitakia and Nikita will serve you family cuisine at low prices. In the coffee room, regulars play tavli or watch a football match while sipping coffee.


Opposite the Afanassia grocery store, a very good table held with great kindness. We love the soutzoukakia (meatballs in sauce) and the dakos (Greek salad served on a thick slice of bread).
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Restaurants at Aegiali



It is an institution. On its large terrace overlooking the port and a small square where the children come to play. Every evening, "Mickey" serves traditional and generous cuisine. The owner being a butcher (the butcher's shop is also in the restaurant), the meat, often raised on the island, is  excellent. We recommend the pork chops.

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A few meters from the fishing boats, this restaurant offers a modern version of Greek cuisine. Everything is good, especially the fish.

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To limani

In Greek, To limani means port. It is therefore the port restaurant, another institution, with its large room full of souvenirs and a few tables set up at the foot of the church. You will find all the traditional Greek specialties there.

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If you want to have a meal with your feet (almost) in the water, you can walk along the tamarisk path that runs along the beach and enjoy a beautiful terrace. It's more touristy and therefore more random, but Yachendo sort du lot with excellent cuisine and a very attentive welcome.

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Katapola restaurants



A beautiful terrace from where you can admire the fishermen's boats and above all excellent cuisine. We loved the Cretan pasta.

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Just opposite the ferry landing, a family restaurant specializing in fish. A special mention for the calamari.

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This is  the last restaurant on the port, a hundred meters after the ferry landing stage. No frills, but traditional cuisine well done.

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Oh Victors

Simple, cheap and delicious. Something to satisfy backpackers and meat lovers. It must be said that Victor (Viktoras in Greek) runs a butcher's shop a few meters away. 
A good address not really on the networks that you will find to the left of the Potytisis pastry shop.



All year round, it's a bit like the canteen of the teachers at the neighboring college. 

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In the heart of Chora, a beautiful terrace nestled against two chapels.

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Just at the entrance to Chora, a very simple restaurant as we like them.

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Right next to Kath'odon, a new address that reinvents traditional Greek cuisine.

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We don't do more typical. In Vroutsi, Kosta cooks the best fries on the island in the back of his grocery store. Attention, do not be in a hurry because it is sometimes (even always) long. Place the order and visit the village.

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At Pyrgo

A small tavern not really easy to find but worth a visit for its traditional cuisine.

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Attention, grandiose view. This terraced restaurant overlooking the sea is located near the Mouros beach car park. It's good and the view is sublime.

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If you have your fix of baklava and floghéres, Adonis offers you a selection of excellent, more Western pastries at Lakgada  that will satisfy the most demanding palates. To take away or to consume in the tea room.

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On the port of Katapola, an ideal place to enjoy a good pastry. A special mention for the cheesecake.

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Between Asteria and To Limani, a bakery where you will find among the Greek specialties a delicious orange cake... dripping with honey. A delight.


This traditional bakery doesn't really have a name and isn't easy to find (blue door, 50m from the Chora roundabout towards Arkesini) but you'll find a range of excellent breads there.


Meat at Asteria

There is Asteria the restaurant and Asteria the butcher, with Mickey in common going from the grill to the chopping block. Excellent meats whose animals graze peacefully in Amorgos.
The problem is that they are so cheap at the butcher's that you wonder why not go to a restaurant.

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Amorgos Organic

As the name suggests, everything is organic. Everything is organic and local, since all the beautiful fruits and vegetables that you can buy there are produced in the plain of Katapola. Let yourself also be tempted by the jams and olive oils. Pay attention to the opening hours.

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The grocery stores...

The three pillars of Greek villages are churches, cafes and grocery stores. In Amorgos, the groceries are family businesses where in a few square meters have fit, often by stacking up to the ceiling, the essentials, especially food. Take a stroll, let yourself be tempted and taste.

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