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Palia Strata

Chora > Moní > Chozoviotissa > Ksenodochio > Asfondilítis > Aegiali.

4h30 / 13 km / difficult / marked 1

The Palia Strata (ancient road in Greek) was the island's main axis of communication and trade, linking the ancient city of Minoa and Aegiali. This spectacular path between sky and sea runs along the ridges of the island at an average altitude of 500 m.

It starts today from the famous monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, along the cliffs offering a magnificent panorama of the sea and the islands of Anafi and Astipalea, before finding the bay of Aegiali.


Halfway through, you can stop at Asfontilitis, an abandoned village whose dry stone houses still host a few shepherds. While crossing Asfontilitis, you will notice engravings on the stones of the path or on the lintels of the houses; these are the works of Michalis Roussos who was born in 1900; having lost the use of his legs, this former shepherd moved by crawling and got into the habit of carving the stones of his village with scenes of village life.

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