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Amorgos, the poem of Nikos Gatsos

In 1943, Nikos Gatsos published a long poem of 20 pages: Amorgós. This work, quickly admired, marks a milestone in contemporary Greek poetry. After the war, the poet began to write songs, especially for Mános Chatzidákis. This was the beginning of a long career.

From Amorgos :

I have struggled for years

I struggled with a tortured heart

With ink and hammer

With gold and fire

an embroidery a hyacinth

A flowering quince tree

for the sole purpose of consoling you

I who sometimes touched you

with the eyes of the stars

Embraced you with the mane of the moon

to dance with you

In the fields of summer

among the levelled stubble

And eat with you the harvested clovers

Immense and black sea

with a neck surrounded by pebbles

With hair glazed with multicoloured stones.

Nikos Gatsos (1911-1992), "Amorgos"

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