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L'OBS : 5 Cycladic islands preserved from tourism

Away from the crowded Greek islands, visit the lesser-known Cyclades islands on your next trip to Greece for more authenticity.

Easily accessible from France by plane, Greece is an ideal travel destination for this summer. Beaches, mountains, historical sites, this country has a lot to offer so you won't be bored for a moment. For a more original way to travel to Greece you also have the possibility to go there by ferry from Italy. This allows you to enjoy a nice boat trip before heading to the Greek islands.

Greece, in addition to being a destination close to France, is still quite affordable as prices for everyday items are lower than in France. If you plan your trip to Greece outside of the tourist season, you will be able to benefit from even lower prices and you will also avoid the tourist crowds! However, if you are planning your trip in July or August, we have some tips for a great stay


If you are looking for a place full of nature and without tourist crowds, Amorgos is the island in the Cyclades that you must visit. It is well known to hikers for its many steep cliffs. Unlike the other Cycladic islands, the steep topography of the island means that it is not possible to make beaches in a row. This means that Amorgos is less crowded.

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