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The National Herald : "Archaeologists’ Spotlight on Siphnos, Serifos, Amorgos Illuminates … Us"

Amorgos reveals that the island’s residents’ pride is deep and broad-based. The site features beaches, nature and geography, and charming villages, as well as culture, spotlighting archaeological sites, museums, churches and monasteries, and traditional dance and music. The Events Calendar contains festivals, concerts, and exhibitions on Amorgos – but each Cycladic isle is a unique little world with similar calendars.

The website reflects the care and effort taken throughout the Cyclades by the municipalities and the Ephorate. Among Gavalas’ most time-consuming – but also rewarding and enjoyable work – is organizing concerts and exhibits on Siphnos and Serifos.

Amorgos’ archaeological museum is located in the town of Chora and is housed in the 16th century Venetian Tower of Gavras. The collection also includes items from Minoan civilization.

Gavalas pointed out the importance of Markiani, a Bronze Age fortified settlement, and Minoa, at Moundoulia Hill, above the port of Katapola. Findings there run from the later neolithic period to 300 AD. There are impressive walls, public buildings like the gymnasium, big houses with peristyles – like those of the famed Cycladic isle of Delos – temples, and an agora.

The imposing tower of Agia Triada is also worth visiting, important because its surrounding area is also preserved and includes inscriptions.


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