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Mykonos? Santorini? Nah, Skip Those – Try Syros, Amorgos, Astypalea

Greece will be overrun with tourists this summer and most of them keep going to the same places and find they are penned in like cattle: Mykonos and Santorini at the top of the list and travelers are being urged to visit lesser-known islands that retain their charm.

“We’re moving beyond sea and sun. We want to prolong the tourism season in both time and space,” Olympia Anastasopoulou, Secretary-General for Tourism Policy and Development told CNBC Travel.

That has seen the government investing more in islands further away from the mainland, including Syros, Amorgos and Milos, and throughout the Aegean, Cyclades and Dodacanese chains as part of its All You Want is Greece campaign.

″It’s our goal for those islands to expand more in seasonality, too. We would like it for the tourism flows to be expanded in other months,” Eleni Mitraki, Director of Tourism Promotion at the Greek National Tourism Organization told the site.

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